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Jnes Emulator  -  (Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator for Windows)


Jnes by Jabo

Jnes dates back to sometime in March of 1999 when development got underway. Jnes is an emulator for 32-bit windows platforms, that uses DirectX for video, audio, and for It's input.

It has a fantastic compatibility and is one of "if not the best" Nes emulator out there.

The Game play is a pure pleasure  and is entertaining for all Nes based Fans.


Jnes System Requirements 




Windows 95/98/2000/XP
Pentium 133 MHz
Direct Draw Compliant, Hardware Accelerated Video Card,

4megs recommended
DirectX 6.0 with drivers

Video and Sound card drivers are extremely important, download the latest drivers.

If you have any questions about your 2D hardware consult the driver info dialog box.

If you video hardware doesn't support stretching to a window Direct Draw will emulate this function via software, lowering performance in windowed mode severely.

Fullscreen might be faster.


Hardware Compatibility


Generally speaking:

If you have good luck running most DirectX applications, Jnes will be no different. However, if you happen to own a really old sound card that is no longer supported, or your video card  hasn't seen updated drivers in a few years (old S3 and ATI cards) than your risking  compatibility, I can't make any guarantee that it will perform well. Look in Help/About for more DirectDraw info on your card, all the features are important, the more you lack, the more time Direct Draw takes, which takes time away from Jnes. Jnes supports the following color formats: RGB 15/16/24/32.



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