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 Launcher Service v0.1 released!  -   posted by: NeTo on August 3 2005

I don't plan to leave this site for another year without pulling out something new out of my sleeve.


For some time now, I needed a service capable of launching an external program so it can be run in the background. I found no freeware program that could satisfy my needs I so decided to make my own.


Launcher Service runs as a Windows 2000/XP (and probably Windows 2003/Vista) service. It allows to control the launch of a program, even if a GUI needs to be displayed for the user.


It can keep the program stopped when the Internet connection is down and when the computer enters in hibernation state. More importantly, it can restart the program if it crashes somehow; and stop the program nicely when the user decides to stop the service, or if the launched program quits because it has nothing more to do.


To stop programs (even console programs) properly was one of the features that worried me the most: it doesn't seem to be implemented properly in similar programs I tried so far. If you're a developer, you are welcomed to check the source (as long as you follow the license statements), as I hope to have a working implementation.


You can check the rest of the features and download this GNU GPL'ed program, as usual, from the Projects Page.


 N64 Cheat Copu v1.3 released  -   posted by: NeTo on August 2 2005

After being away for almost a whole year, I am glad to announce a new version of the Cheat Copu Tool. It features only minor changes to patching and unpatching though.


You can get the new version at Projects Page.


 A New project is on the works!  -   posted by: NeTo on August 23 2004

I will release an alpha version of a project I have been working on recently.

NeTo Game Profiler FX is a profiler program suitable for any joystick or gamepad. It basically allows the user to map keystrokes or mouse actions to any button or axis of the joystick. Some features that are fully working in this version are:

  • Individual settings for each game/program (saved in "profiles").
  • Map any combination of keystrokes to any button/axis of the joystick.
  • Analog emulation: Keys are pressed depending on how you tilt the stick.
  • Autofire Support.
  • Full mouse emulation (moves, clicks, even mousewheel).
  • Force Feedback support: you can map any of the included rumble effects to your pad (or create your own) to add Force Feedback features to any game.
  • Compatible with DirectX games and applications.
  • Profiles are written as scripts, making it easier to the user to modify or create.
What's is missing in this version (still on development):
  • A GUI for managing the profiles (it should include a wizard to create scripts auyomatically)
  • Some not implemented settings and features (mostly realted to compatibility with several gamepads/joysticks)
This is released as an alpha because some testing is needed. If you notice any problems (or have any suggestions for the 1.0 release) you can drop your comments at the
NeToSoft forums

Download: You can download the NGP-FX alpha 0.4 installer at the Projects Page.



 N64 Cheat Copu v1.1 released  -   posted by: NeTo on August 8 2004

A new version of the N64 Cheat Copu has been realeased. This version includes a fix to a patching bug. You can grab the lastest version at the Projects Page


 The N64 Cheat Copu has been released  -   posted by: Gent on March 23 2004

The N64 Cheat Copu (Convert Offset Patch and Unpatch Tool) has been released.   N64 Cheat Copu is a Tool for people who Make or Convert N64 Cheat Codes

and is very Versatile.


The Tool allows a user to check differences (Offests) between Version/Region Cheat Codes, Convert in full GS/AR Format Single Or Multiple Codes using a known Hex Dif, Patching and Unpatching of Serial Repeaters (50 Patch Codes).


For more information on the N64 Cheat Copu Click on the Projects link on the main menu.


 NeToSoft Website New Home  -   posted by: Gent on March 22 2004

Welcome to the new NeToSoft Website affiliated with Emutastic!


We have a nice new Website and a supporting Message Board on the Emutastic Forums.

For help or advice on NeToSoft Projects, Just click on the Forums link on the main menu.


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