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NeTo Game Profiler FX is a profiler program suitable for any joystick or gamepad. It basically allows the user to map keystrokes or mouse actions to any button or axis of the joystick. Some of its features are:

  • Individual settings (profiles) for each game or program
  • Map any combination of keystrokes to any button/axis  of the joystick
  • Analog emulation: Keys are pressed depending on how much you tilt the stick
  • Complete mouse emulation (moves, clicks, even mousewheel!)
  • Autofire support
  • Full Force Feedback support!
  • Compatible with DirectX games and applications
  • Easy to use scripting system for writing your own profiles in a unlimited set of combinations

Launcher Service lets you run any program as a Windows Service.

When executed as a service, a program runs earlier at Windows startup, even before a user has logged on; it isn't closed if a user ends the session, and can run silently in the background.

This service is ideal for command-line (and any other type) of programs that need to run in the background with minimal user intervention; and don't have service features implemented.

Launcher Service has several unique features to control how programs can run. It can:

  • Restart a program if it crashes, or when the computer enters in hibernation state.
  • Close the program nicely if the user stops the service.
  • Keep it closed when the Internet connection is down (especially useful for p2p daemon programs).
  • Run the program only if the user hasn't opened it before.
  • Delete *.tmp files in the program's working folder that may prevent it from starting.
  • It's free (as in freedom): Launcher Service is released under the GNU GPL.

and more! (details in the program's Readme file).


Download NGP-FX

Download Launcher Service


NGP-FX v0.4 (Alpha) - (1.96 MB)

Launcher Service v0.2 - (33 KB)


Launcher Service v0.2 (Source) - (49 KB)


N64 Cheat Copu

Emu64 HiP



The N64 Copu (Convert Offset Patch and Unpatch Tool) for Windows 9x, me, 2000, NT/Xp is a very versatile Tool that is quick and easy to use with great results to boot.

It allows the user to:

  • Convert cheat codes with a known hex diff (Difference between two cheat codes).
  • Find And Convert Offsets of single or multiple cheat codes.
  • Support for codes as single address or in GS/AR format.
  • Patching and Unpatching of Cheat Codes (50 Serial Repeater Code Types).

The Emu64 HiP is a utility lets you increase your emulator's speed, and does so by managing the CPU in a better way than Windows does.

It works by assigning a higher CPU priority to a emulator only while it is on front. This way the overall performance of the PC isn't affected, and you can enjoy your emulator with the most performance that your computer can supply.


Download N64 Cheat Copu

Download Emu64 Hip


N64 Cheat Copu v1.3 - (1.03 MB)

Emu64 HiP Win9x v1.5.2 - (165 KB)


Emu64 HiP WinNT_XP v1.5.2 - (165 KB)



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